• S auvignon Blanc is a white wine that owes much of its popularity to winemakers in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley in France. The Sauvignon Blanc taste is very different from other white wines because of its green and herbaceous flavors. The name Sauvignon Blanc means “Wild White” and the grape is related to Traminer with origins in the South of France.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most widely planted wine grapes in the world and because of this it has a wide range of styles and flavors.

It is unclear exactly when Sauvignon was introduced to the Cape, but it was certainly planted at Groot Constantia in the late 1880 and reportedly performed well there. The first varietal Sauvignon on the market was that of Verdun (now Asara) in 1977, with Backsberg and De Wetshof joining in 1980. The oldest Sauvignon vineyards are at Spice Route, planted in 1965, and at Bloemendal, planted somewhere in the early 1970s.

  • Fumé Blanc (USA)
  • Muskat-Silvaner (Austria)
  • Feigentraube (Germany)
  • Sauvignon (Italy)Sauvignon Blanc Synonyms
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