The Sauvignon Blanc SA Top10 in a nutshell

Dr. Carien Coetzee is an Oenologists who completed her PhD in Oenology at the University of Stellenbosch in 2014. Her dissertation focussed on the effect of oxidation and ageing on Sauvignon Blanc chemical and sensory composition and she has a specific interest in the effect of winemaking practices on wine quality. Working with the wine industry together with a passion for research inspired the creation of Basic Wine, a business aiming to assist winemakers and wine consumers to better understand wine. Basic Wine services include in-house cellar research and consultation, science communication and training. Dr. Coetzee is on the Sauvignon blanc SA Management Committee and writes regular blogs on different technical topics covering the variety.

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Sauvignon Blanc SA brings you a video blog by Dr Carien Coetzee of Basic Wine