Profiling the aromatic evolution in a glass: differences between premium and ultra premium Sauvignon blanc wines (originally presented at the 42nd SASEV Conference 2020)

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Dr Jeanne Brand holds a PhD in wine biotechnology (focus wine sensory evaluation) from the University of Stellenbosch. Her field of expertise is the development and modification of rapid sensory methods tailor-made for wine evaluation. She has an interest in combining different types of sensory data with quality, consumer, and chemical data through advanced statistical analysis. Providing fit-for-purpose sensory solutions, based on scientific research, to the wine industry is one of her ongoing aspirations. She led the development of an online wine sensory lab at Stellenbosch University used for academic research, student training and selected services to the wine industry.

Sauvignon Blanc SA brings you a video blog by Dr Jeanne Brand, South African Grape and Wine Research Institute, Department of Viticulture and Oenology, Stellenbosch University.