It has not been tough, sipping on Sauvignons and eating our way through the Pesto Princess soup range.

All in the name of warming your winter with our #SoupAndSauvignon Series.  It’s been rather splendid.  We might do it all again.

This week we noticed all four soups are vegan friendly, and discovered that it’s Pesto Princess’ way of tipping their tiaras (everything is royal over there!) in deference to our beautiful earth while making a conscious change to lower the impact they’re having on our environment.  And if you’re under the impression that vegan means flavourless, think again.  Each soup has been a filling and flavourful experience.

And so it is quite apt that we happened to be drawn to La Motte‘s Sauvignon Blanc for this particular dinner party.  Flavourful, indeed, which, if you have experienced La Motte, probably doesn’t surprise you.  But did you know they were one of the very first wine estates to have the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification bestowed upon them?  Even more impressive, perhaps, is that they care for the environment in their daily and long-term practices, protecting the fynbos in the mountains around them as well as following biological principles in their production of grapes, flowers and essential oils harvested on the estate.

The wine is 90% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Semillon and the grapes come from Elgin, Bot River, Napier and Elim, from some of the most southerly situated vineyards in Africa.  Citrus, passionfruit, and green pepper flavours offer a refreshing and elegant cool-climate wine with a pleasingly mineral finish.

#SoupAndSauvignon Supper Instructions

Start with the Bread Dippers
  • Preheat oven to 200⁰C.
  • (Optional) Mix 1 part Pesto Princess Harissa Paste with 2 parts olive oil, and a drizzle of warm water. 
  • Slice bread, cut into soldiers, and lightly coat with harissa mixture, or some good olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.
Ready the Soup
  • Pour the soup into a saucepan and heat slowly on a low-medium heat, stirring now and then, until it starts bubbling.
Pour the Wine
  • Or take a sip of the wine you’ve already poured.
Toast the Dippers
  • 5 minutes on each side, or until as crunchy as you like.
Dish Up
  • Heat bowls (a little hot water from the kettle works nicely) and serve soup with bread dippers, fresh rocket, and a recharged glass of Sauvignon Blanc.