Emile Joubert writes about a recent Erica Crawford tasting hosted by Sauvignon Blanc South Africa (published on The Wine Goggle)

“Icy rain pelting down over Stellenbosch and a wine cold enough to freeze the heart of a twice-divorced Texan housewife, this was no ideal day to go tasting Sauvignon Blanc. But when Erica Crawford from New Zealand is in town you’ll dodge polar bears to get a hook on those steely, bracing wines from Marlborough.

“Sauvignon Blanc SA, the grouping of South African Sauvignon Blanc producers, have become good mates with Erica over the years, specifically during meetings at the Sauvignon Blanc Celebration in Blenheim. So when she trekked some wines over during a recent mid-winter visit, RJ Botha, chairman of Sauvignon Blanc SA, put together a comparative tasting of the famous Marlborough wines and those that had made it onto last year’s South Africa’s FNB Top 10 Sauvignon Blanc list.”

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