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Sauvignon Blanc South Africa fosters excellence in making and marketing South African Sauvignon Blanc locally and internationally. Members’ networking and information exchange include technical seminars and workshops, selection and training of specialist tasting panels for wine competitions, a blog covering technical aspects, as well as Sauvignon Blanc tastings for media and wine lovers. The annual FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition was started in 2007 to promote innovation and excellence of the Sauvignon Blanc cultivar and reward those making wines of true distinction.

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Minerality in Sauvignon Blanc – Part 4

Salinity - the cousin of Minerality Dr. Carien Coetzee Basic Wine 16 July 2019 In a previous blog post, the possible contribution of salt to the perception of minerality in wine was contemplated. After investigation, it seems that this topic has, in fact, barely been...

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The organisers of the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon founded an editorial group comprising 9 Sauvignon specialists whose aim is to shed light on the varietal's inherent qualities and its connection with wine regions around the world. A new article on South African...

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Minerality in Sauvignon Blanc – Part 3

The romantic notion of soil minerals in wine...unromantically disproven Dr. Carien Coetzee Basic Wine 19 June 2019 Unlike virtually all other sensory attributes used to describe a wine, the word, “mineral”, is often taken to have a literal origin. Tasters reporting...

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Increasing Sauvignon blanc aroma with H2S!

Karien O’Kennedy Winetech Sounds like an April Fool’s joke doesn’t it? It is in fact no joke, it’s serious stuff. In fact, so serious that Pernod Ricard France applied for a patent in the USA that has since been granted. The application abstract states the following:...

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