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Sauvignon Blanc South Africa fosters excellence in making and marketing South African Sauvignon Blanc locally and internationally. Members’ networking and information exchange include technical seminars and workshops, selection and training of specialist tasting panels for wine competitions, a blog covering technical aspects, as well as Sauvignon Blanc tastings for media and wine lovers. The annual FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition was started in 2007 to promote innovation and excellence of the Sauvignon Blanc cultivar and reward those making wines of true distinction.

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Minerality in Sauvignon Blanc – Part 2

A Research Summary Dr. Carien Coetzee 17 May 2019 Part 1 of our Minerality in Sauvignon Blanc series investigated i) cultural differences in the perception of minerality, ii) how minerality is perceived and iii) sensory attributes associated with the perception of...

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SBIG becomes Sauvignon Blanc SA

Media Release 2 May 2019 SAUVIGNON BLANC SA IS THE NEW AMBASSADOR FOR A GLOBAL FAVOURITE South Africa's champion for Sauvignon Blanc, one of the country's most widely planted wine grape varieties, has undergone a transformation that brings momentum to its...

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Should we be afraid of pinking?

Dr. Carien Coetzee 23 April 2019 During one of the sessions at the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon in March this year, we tasted a brilliantly clear wine which had the slightest pink hue. After confirming that there were no blending components to this Sauvignon Blanc...

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Renowned New Zealand Winemaker Set to Judge Michelangelo

Ben Glover Emile Joubert 5 April 2019 For this first time since its inception, the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards will welcome a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc expert to its judging panel. Ben Glover from Marlborough, the source of some of the world’s...

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Minerality in Sauvignon Blanc – Part 1

A Research Summary Dr. Carien Coetzee 5 April 2019 There are so many questions regarding the perception of “minerality” in wine. The lack of scientific evidence leaves the many questions unanswered, but researchers are slowly inching closer to gaining valuable...

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Low alcohol Sauvignon Blanc the breadwinner of tomorrow

An article by Dr Carien Coetzee on (1 April 2019) Consumers moderating their alcohol intake, whether it be for health awareness or self-assessment, can be seen all over. It’s called moderation occasions and we all do it at some stage, while more and more...

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