Stories & Sauvignon Blancs at Steenberg Farm: Part 1

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll already know we’re all about Steenberg this September. And not just the wine; the people behind the wine, too, and their intriguing stories.  Let’s start way back.  Yes, that’s right; a little further…  Keep going until you hit the 1600s. Have You Met the Feisty Catharina and Her Five Husbands? Piecing together the … Read More

CandiceStories & Sauvignon Blancs at Steenberg Farm: Part 1

Braaioritising Sauvignon Blanc

  If you’re looking for a simple, delicate fish dish for National Heritage Day (a.k.a. Braai Day), then we have just the thing for your braai grid.  The flavour of this fish is honoured by the herbs rather than overpowered, and the dish as a whole complements a quality Sauvignon Blanc beautifully.  Leftovers will give salads or sandwiches a tasty … Read More

CandiceBraaioritising Sauvignon Blanc